Sunday, March 9, 2014

Curveball Blessings

Okay, so I haven't been doing a great job at updating the blog.  But honestly there hasn't been much to say.  

We continue to be #20 on the wait list.  Referrals have slowed tremendously.  This is due to many changes going on within Ethiopia.  We are asking for our friends and family to continue praying for Ethiopian adoptions and that we begin seeing referrals again...soon.  Most of these changes are being put into place to benefit the many children needing families so desperately.  The goal is to make adoptions more ethical, which of course we support 100%.  It's just hard.  The waiting.  I want Townes home more than anything I have ever wanted.  

But that's not really the reason why I am writing this post.  We have some big news.  Some very shocking news.  Josh and I will be welcoming a little one this fall.  I'm pregnant and due September 19th.
WARNING: Okay, so this post is laced with honesty.   And it's not all pretty.  I'm sorry.  

The past year our main priority has been Townes.  Becoming pregnant wasn't even a thought.  So much, that it's been hard.  I felt I knew what God had planned for our family.  I had found my passion.  I felt my faith had never been stronger.  I finally had things "figured out".   How silly of me.  This is what He does, isn't it?  Once we think WE have our lives figured out...bam.  I know this.  God is showing us how to really rely upon Him.  But it's difficult when it happens.  Especially if it means possibly having to bring your son home later than planned.  

We know that children are a blessing.  We know we will love this child, just like our others.  This curveball blessing we've been thrown.  We know there are so many people who pray daily to be in our situation.  We know all these things.  And we are coming around to the idea.  Of 4 kids...gulp.  

The Gameplan: So my first question was..what does this mean for our adoption process?   Thankfully we will continue moving down the list as referrals come in.  They will however skip over us until this baby is 6 months old.  So that means there is a possibility that we COULD be at the bottom of the list when we are ready to accept our referral.  This is good news.  My fear was that we would be "stuck" at #20 until Baby T is 6 months old.  

So Townes will be a big brother.  He'll have a sibling closer to his age.  It's going to fun...right?!?!   

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