Friday, January 17, 2014

My Girls

Let me tell ya folks about these girls of mine.  They have been on this roller coaster ride since the moment we asked them about adoption.  They have been there during my emotional breakdowns.  They have been up late at night working on fundraisers and helping the "paperchase".  They have heard the stories of the sick, hungry, dying children around the world.  I'm going to be honest, there are times when my heart hurt so much I didn't think this was meant for us.  But not my girls.  They have supported us with the grace and love only a mother can pray for her children to have.  They are the real thing guys.  I think at times they are more excited to welcome Townes into this family than Josh and I.  Taylor even asked for a suitcase for Christmas.  They can't wait to witness Ethiopia with us on our first trip.

Wanna see what I'm talking about???  Good.  We'll start with Taylor.   This is a poem she wrote for an English assignment.  I now have it framed in my living room.

Those kids in Africa
I wonder how they live everyday
I hear the millions of babies crying for help
I see all the things they live without
I want them to have enough food and water
Those kids in Africa

I pretend to think they are loved
I feel heartbroken they have to drink muddy water
I touch their cold hands
I worry they could get sick and die before their 1st birthday
I cry knowing nobody wants them
Those kids in Africa

I understand the orphanage is better than the streets
I say God has you in His hands
I dream one day there won't be any orphans
I strive to help them in any way
I hope they all have somewhere warm to stay because
I know they will get adopted very soon
Those kids in Africa

Okay, now wanna see what Raegan has been working on with my mom?

Oh my heart!  I'm praising God for bringing our ENTIRE family on this journey!

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