Friday, November 7, 2014

Welcome little one

We welcomed our curveball blessing September 10th.  She's pure joy.  I feel so blessed that God sent Annalee to us.  That He knew what our family needed when I sure didn't.  I know she's going to love her big brother as much as she adores her big sisters.  

We have more exciting news!  After speaking with our new social worker yesterday, we figured out that we had missed an email and we've moved on the list.  Yay!  Once Annalee is 6 months old we will be able to accept a referral.  That doesn't mean that we will receive one immediately.  Just that we can accept if  a child becomes available within our approved age range, boy age 0-4.  
This is our kitchen table.  I look forward to many meals being enjoyed as a family of 6.  I can only imagine all the stories and laughs that will be shared.  I might even look forward to all the homework being done at this table.  Yeah, probably not.