Thursday, December 5, 2013

What This Christmas Season Brings

I love this time of year.  I cherish the time spent with family and the time spent reflecting the birth of our greatest gift, our Savior.  This year I have begun to see the Christmas season in a slightly different light.  While we are sitting in our warm homes, feasting on delicious foods and surrounded by gifts and family, there are children sitting in orphanages cold, starving, with no one to hug them and tell them how much they are loved.

When we received our unexpected, very low number in November my prayers began to change.  For the past year, my prayers have mostly centered around decisions and sadly timelines.  Josh and I prayed that God would lead our adoption journey, which He has.  Josh and I prayed that WE would not have to wait long for our son.  I did pray for our son but not in the way I do now.  In my heart I still felt like we had years ahead of us, so our son possibly was not born yet.  When we received November's number, I knew he was born.  He is alive and possibly a toddler.  Not a baby that doesn't know much of what is going on around him.  This breaks my heart.  I now pray that God has His arms wrapped so tightly around Townes.  That our son is being protected from a broken world.  I pray that my son will be fed today.  That he is clothed today.  That he is warm today.  I pray that he felt love today. That he was not harmed today.  That he is healthy today.  I pray he knows that he is not just another child, left fighting alone, without anyone to love him.  I pray that in his sweet little heart that he knows we are coming for him.  That we are fighting as hard as we can for him.

A mother shouldn't have to pray this.  This is what keeps me up at night.  Will you join me in my prayer?

I have Faith that God will heal our son's heart.  While adoption is a beautiful picture of how God adopted us, please remember it comes from broken place. In this season of thanks, Josh and I are so thankful God opened our eyes and broke our hearts close to a year ago.

Okay, so here is December's number:
We moved 1 spot...yay!  This is of course our Christmas tree.  Wouldn't it be AWESOME if Townes is here with us next year and gets to celebrate possibly his first Christmas with a mommy, daddy, sisters, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles!