Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 861

Yesterday marked 861 days since we were accepted into the Ethiopia program.  861 days full of highs and lows. Happy days and very sad days.  861 days I've waited to see my boy.   

For those who have been following our journey, you know that on February 5th we received a referral for a beautiful 6 year old boy.  He stole our hearts instantly.  Sadly, 7 short weeks later we were told we couldn't move forward with his adoption.  The days following were some of the darkest days of my life.  I felt an amazing sense of peace during this time though.  A peace that I know only comes from my God.  F will always be special to us.  We will love him.  Forever.  Due to the selfishness of man, he will have a tough childhood.  A life no one should ever live, much less an innocent boy.  He is our F.  After grieving the loss of his referral, we pushed on to find our Townes.  That brought us to day 861. 

Day 861 was exciting.  It was wonderful. It was absolutely crazy.  But guess what, I got to see my boy.  My sweet 8 month old baby boy.  I love his face.  Well and the rest of him.  It's just the picture only shows his face.  

When I was struggling with the reality of being pregnant and our adoption being pushed back, God was orchestrating His  plan.  So much more beautiful than I could ever imagine.  Sweet Townes was growing in his beautiful birth mother's belly just as Annalee was in mine.  This is unbelievable.  

Many ask, so when do you go get him?  Ha, that's a loaded question!  We have a while guys. Things are moving SLOW.  I'm preparing myself for a long wait.  I will try to update when we move along.  We have no way of knowing how long.  Just one of the lovely parts of adoption.  Hurry up and wait.  Celebrate every milestone along the way.  

Thank you for your continued support.  Day 861 rocked my socks off.  I love this day.  And I love you.  

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