Thursday, June 12, 2014

Harder Days Than Others

Just need to talk, vent, I don't know.  Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, though I know it's not.  

While I'm carrying Annalee, and I get to feel every kick, turn, and even those adorable hiccups, my heart aches for my son today.  Like I could lay in bed and cry all day.  I guess it's true...she's growing in my stomach while he grows in my heart.  Don't get me wrong, she is definitely in my heart too.  I feel like it's going to burst sometimes with so much love for my 4 children.  I can't wait until she's here.  I'm ready to snuggle and comfort her in the same way I'm ready to for Townes.  

Being pregnant is making me realize more every moment I am missing as Townes's mommy.  I know God's timing is perfect and he will come to us at the exact moment he is meant to.  And this helps these feelings I have.  But I am still a mother, who just wants ALL her children safe and home.  

We remain #18 on the list.  Please continue to pray for referrals and our friends who are preparing to go meet their children.  Such an exciting time!  Thank you again for your unbelievable support.  

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  1. Praying so hard for you... crying out to God for you! I love you so much, sweet friend!