Sunday, September 22, 2013


DTE meant nothing to me 11 months ago.  Back when I was content with my little family of four.  Back before I knew what God had planned for our family.  Back before my heart was beautifully broken.  

Now it means one step closer to our son.  

We are DTE(Dossier to Ethiopia) guys!!!!  Thank you Jesus!  Friday morning our dossier was signed for in Ethiopia.  This means we are officially added to THE list.  What happens next?  We wait....  We will receive our wait list number on October 1st.  As referrals come, we will move up the list.  We are looking at a possible 14-18 month wait.  I am so excited to finally join the list but I know quickly the excitement will fade and be replaced by the desire to be off the list, to receive OUR referral.  

Currently Ethiopia is in its rainy season and we haven't seen much movement in the term of referrals, children being matched with their forever family.  Please join us in praying for referrals and speedier movement in court and embassy appointments.  These children need to come home.  The rainy season is cold and wet.  At the Transition Home, the staff usually hang the clothes to dry, as they do not have enough dryers.  You can imagine that a cold and rainy environment is not conducive to this task.  So the children are wet and cold and many sick.  They need to be home.  They need their mommy and daddy.  

We continue to be overwhelmed by the support of our community.  You guys ROCK!!!!   

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